My Erdős Number

My Erdős number is at most 5. Paul Erdős was a prolific mathematician who co-authored 1,475 papers with 509 co-authors. A biography of Erdős is appropriately called The Man Who Loved Only Numbers. As a tribute to Erdős, mathematicians, scientists, and engineers who publish papers keep track of their connection to Erdős by identifying their Erdős number. Paul Erdős has Erdős number 0. His co-authors have Erdős number 1, and, in turn, their co-authors (who are not direct Erdős co-authors) have Erdős number 2, etc. This chain of Erdős co-authors can be represented by a mathematical entity called a graph. This is appropriate because graph theory is one of the areas that Erdős heavily contributed to.

Below is chain of co-authors between me and Paul Erdős.

Végre nem butulok tovább.
[Finally I am becoming stupider no more.]
  –epitaph of Paul Erdős (self-written)